Giuseppe "Dualized" Bassi featured on FEAR FACTORY new album 'Genexus'

Los Angeles-based cyber metallers FEAR FACTORY have set "Genexus" as the title of their n ...


LOGICAL TERROR - New album out with DarkTunes Music

NEVER ALONE - New album released via This Is Core Records

NeverAlone to release new album 'Same Old Shit' via This Is Core Records on Jan 24th 2014.


GRENOUER - New album released via Mausoleum Records

Russian rock-metallers GRENOUER, who have been active since 1992, have signed with Mausoleum Records, the legendary label from Belgium. In previous years GRENOUER were famous ...


VOODOO HIGHWAY - New album out with Dust On The Tracks Records

Italian hard rockers VOODOO HIGHWAY have signed a two-album deal with the German lab ...


DUALIZED - Binary Regression on television series BURN NOTICE!

The song "Binary Regression" appeared in the fifth season of the american television series BURN NOTICE, broadcasted last winter 2011 ...


VOODOO HIGHWAY - Mastering @ Sterling Sound, NY!

New VOODOO HIGHWAY's album "Showdown" will be mastered at STERLING SOUND STUDIOS (New York), mostly renowned for their works with ...